Beaded Strawberry

Kit fee of $15 payable to the instructor

For all of us who use needles, this is a great addition to one's toolkit. Make your very own strawberry with emery in the filling to keep needles clean and sharp.

During the Victorian period, this important fruit took on the form of the popular sewing emery or pin cushion. Emeries were made from all mannoer of fabrics and commonly stuffed with sand and sawdust. The function of the sewing emery was to keep needles protected, sharp and free from rust. Early Native examples of Beaded Strawberry emeries were made from exotic silks, linen and woolen fabrics. The beading style was reflective of the embossed or raised beadwork that was a quickly developing Northeastern Native art form.

You will learn how the Native Strawberry emery is reborn as modern and functional form using traditional materials and embossed beading techniques and spot applique.

Class Name & Date: Native Beaded Strawberry Mon Mar 11th 9:30-4Pm

Price: $150.00

Spots Available: 5