Holiday Greetings Everyone!

How amazing it seems at this time of year to realise that December has arrived so quickly! In the fall, we focus on getting ready for all the shows, do them, and then replenish after each one. Thus, it will be a good feeling to thoroughly unpack everything and think more about the holiday season fast approaching.

This year, on top of the extra activity associated with the shows, we had the tornado damage to deal with. The new window units were just installed last week and what a difference they make! Carrie‘s photos just after the tornado, followed by when we were “boarded up”, and now with the new windows are elsewhere in the newsletter. Quite a contrast for sure! We still need a new sign up but we are grateful for the light and warmth we have with the new windows! In our good fortune, we are nevertheless concerned about those who are still dealing with the aftermath of those September tornados. We certainly have a different appreciation of our natural environment.

Our creative quote for this month is from Joy Mangano: “There is something special when creative people get together”.  December is a festive time in many cultures and festivity seems to encourage creative approaches to our celebrations.  We hope that you have a joyous season with lots of good company, many reasons to celebrate what your world is all about and much creative inspiration to keep your soul happy!

Wishing you the very best of the season!


Meredith, Brent and Carrie