Hi Everyone!

The noticeably longer days are certainly welcome even though we know that winter weather will still be with us for another few months.  Some days the sun is so brilliant and beautiful, it just makes everybody seem happier and enthusiastic.

As beaders, you work with colour so we thought we would pass on this information. KOLORMONDO is a Swedish firm which has produced an interesting tool to help users understand colour theory and improve one’s ability to mix and match colours.  We bought a small globe at a cost of $20.00 plus shipping of approximately $4.00.  The small globe presents 185 colours with the traditional colour wheel being at the equator position and the gray scale running between the north and south poles. This little gizmo helps you to see what colour theory books try to communicate about attractive approaches to using colour.

Another useful tool for people who acquire a lot of different needles, is the Needle Index which we are carrying. One of us has had one for about 10 years and finds it very useful as well as convenient. The book has pages to help you identify, organize and store 12 different types of needles. There is a piece of wool felt on each page so that you can insert your needles in the appropriate place. On the opposite page, there is a shadow image of each size of needle by category.  Beneath the piece of felt are charts showing what size of needle is appropriate for the thread you are using. Some of this information will be more useful to those working in a variety of fibre arts disciplines but if you have a variety of needles, this is a great way to organise and store them in one place.

Have a great month of February everyone!


Meredith, Irina, Brent and Carrie