Toho 1.5mm Cubes

Create a peyote pattern with a different shaped bead for a whole new effect. Available in 10 colours.


Czech Seed beads

6 new colours of 10/0 seed beads have arrived. 3 colours are 2-cut and 3 colours are regular seed shape.

Opaque Yellow, Red and Royal Blue 2-cut seed beads.

Alabaster, Yellow lined Clear and Purple AB silver lined 10/0 seed beads.


The Needle Index

Have you ever wanted a handy way to organize all your needles? This book has unique pages for all types of needles from Beading to Tapestry, Darners to Sharps...there are 12 pages for different types of needles.

Each page is lined with a piece of wool felt and a chart for sizing your needles on the opposite page. Beneath the felt there is a graph with suggested uses for each of the needles sizes and threads that might fit in the category.

A great gift for someone who likes to bead, sew, or work in a variety of fibre arts disciplines.