Greetings to our Beading Friends

We have had some really incredible spring like days the last little while here in Ottawa. It seems to make everyone walk with a spring in their step and have a broad smile. Hope you are experiencing some signs of spring wherever you are. It is rejuvenating!

A lot of new beads have arrived in recent weeks. There are so many colours which seem perfect to freshen spring wardrobes or, if you are selling, to enliven your jewellery displays.  It is amazing what the satisfaction of creating a simple piece of lovely jewellery can do for the soul. We love to see what people do with our beads! And sometimes we get incredible surprises such as when we learned that a well-known politician wears a strand of our pearls! We endeavour to help you achieve your dreams by providing selection, variety and advice. Please don’t hesitate to ask us whether we can obtain something you need if you don’t see it on our web site or in the store.

Wishing you the very best for the month of March!


Meredith, Irina, Brent and Carrie