Seed Beads

With each order we expand the colours of seed beads. If there are colours you would like us to add, please let us know and we will add them to the next order.

Toho 15/0 in 3 new colours - White opal silverlined, ballerina pink ab, white opaque luster

Toho 11/0 in 4 new colours - Plumeria opaque matte, tanzanite lined clear, navy ab metallic matte, brown ab metallic matte.

Czech 33/0 in 4 colours - Opaque white, yellow, red and black. These beads are great for adding to dreamcatchers or caps for beaded feathers.

Czech 10/0 in 4 colours - Salmon pink AB, metallic blue, 2-cut orange and 2-cut green.


Tulip Needles

In addition to the beading needles, we now carry Embroidery needles and Leather needles in this wonderful brand. Customers are enthusiastic!

A little about TULIP NEEDLES:

Each needle goes through 30 steps in the manufacturing process. They are more expensive but you are getting a needle with:

* a quality eye which is somewhat larger and easier to thread and one that is smooth inside and out.
* a strong and break resistant body with the right amount of flexibility.
a sharp point which has been through a special polishing process for sharpness but which is slightly rounded to minimize splitting thread.
Manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan where needle making has evolved over 300 years.

Embroidery assortment thick and thin and tapestry/cross stitch needles.

Leather in short, medium and long.

Sew-on Rhinestones

Many people have asked for small rhinestones that can be sewn onto fabric for earrings, medallions or intuitive art pieces. Available in round glass 11mm, 13mm and oval resin 11x16mm.