Greetings to all our Beading Friends!

Here we are in September! So many have commented on how fast the summer has flown by. Many still think that September is like a second new year remembering the feelings of those first days back at school years ago….the opportunity for a new start, new friends, different teachers and hopefully new ideas and challenges. And appropriate for this new fall season is a quote from Harvey MacKay: One sure-fire way to stay creative: force yourself to learn something new. In our beading world, this could be a new technique, or new colour combinations or new materials.

You will see that we have been busy. A lot of new products arrived in August which give much inspiration for new fall jewellery. More will be coming in the next few weeks. The patterns in many of the stone beads are interesting and exciting.  It is amazing what the earth produces!

We hope that the arrival of fall is a stimulating time for you!

Very best wishes for a wonderful September.


Meredith, Brent and Carrie