Greetings to all our Beading Friends!


I wonder how many of you think that the beginning of September is like a second “new year”.  My Mother was a school teacher and the first week of September always seemed eventful and exciting with her preparations for the new school year and getting “the children” equipped for their new adventures. Mind you the excitement sort of dwindled quickly way back then but that feeling of September being a new beginning remains with me. And to coincide with that new beginning feeling, I came across these inspiring quotes: "If you always do what you always did - you'll always get what you always got."
Unknown and “Creativity takes courage” from that great artist Henri Matisse.

We are looking forward to participating in shows every weekend this month and there will be new products at each one. Many are pictured elsewhere in this newsletter and more new merchandise is anticipated during the month. Also we are looking forward to several different workshops in October and early November. These are also referenced later in the newsletter so that you too can look ahead.

We all hope that the change in season brings you renewed energy and inspiration in whatever you endeavour to undertake this month!

We all wish you the very best for the month of September!


Meredith, Irina, Brent and Carrie