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Labradorite 8mm Briolets
1+ $170.00/strd
10+ $153.00/strd


Labradorite 12x15mm Fac Nugget
1+ $53.50/strd
10+ $48.15/strd


Labradorite Faceted Nugget Graduated
1+ $55.00/strd
10+ $49.50/strd


Labradorite 4mm

Out of Stock
Labradorite 6mm
1+ $20.00/strd
10+ $18.00/strd


Labradorite 8mm
1+ $21.00/strd
10+ $18.90/strd


Labradorite 10mm
1+ $24.80/strd
10+ $22.32/strd