Tips and Important Information

If you are spending more time reading, in front of the computer or doing creative work, here are some hints to help you see better:

  1. Increase the brightness of your reading and work lamps.
  2. Rest your eyes. Every 20 minutes look up at something in the distance for about 20 seconds. Sometimes when we are using a computer we can stare at it without blinking which increases eye strain.
  3. Change font sizes and increase brightness on your cell phone and your computer.
  4. Try some magnifiers: There is a wide variety available: floor or desk sizes, spectacle-mounted magnifiers and hand held. Many have lights included.

Ordering Beading Supplies

While the showroom may be closed and you can't come in to browser for that new project, our online store is still open and active. We are at the store most days to fill, ship and deliver order so we can all keep the creativity flowing.

  1. Free local pick up or delivery - choose "Store Pick-up" and we will place it in our mailbow for you to come an get OR if your order is onver $50 and you are in the Ottawa area, we will deliver it to your door free of charge.
  2. Shipping orders - The World Health Organization (WHO) offers you fact and science-based answers to many questions about the Covid-19 pandemic. They also advise that it is safe to handle a delivered package containing commercial goods. 
  3. Buying a Gift Card - While you may not need supplies at the moment, maybe you would like to purchase a gift card for a friend or for yourself to use at a later date. They can be used online or in-store when we re-open.