Greetings Beading Friends

We are hoping everyone is well! The current emphasis on social distancing and limiting contact with others has provided more opportunity to bead as well as read. If you like reading and are interested in the history of gemstones and jewellery, here are two interesting titles. Both have been around for a number of years and are worth looking for if you haven’t read them yet.

“Stoned: Jewelry, obsession and how desire shapes the world” by Aja Bada was published in 2015. It is an entertaining presentation of the history of human desire for what is rare and considered precious. The book opens with a discussion of the Dutch purchasing Manhattan with the equivalent of $27.00 worth of seed beads! This is the basis for the section of the book labelled “Want” and how our wants affect what we are willing to pay for something.  There are about ten chapters discussing the impact of such things as pearls, watches, diamonds and emeralds as well as other stones on political aspirations and the development of the world economy.  

“Jewels, a Secret history“’ by Victoria Findlay was released in 2007. She travelled the world when doing research for the book and entertains the reader with accounts of her adventures while doing that research.  Australian opals are featured. How many of us remember or even knew that Scotland was once famous for its pearls? A visit to Cleopatra’s emerald mine sounds challenging.

If you are looking for some interesting reads, you might be able to get these from your local library.

There have been many references in recent weeks and months to the importance of creativity as it provides a great emotional release and helps to keep you happy and healthy! We hope your creative explorations with beads is inspiring new ideas for you!

Very best wishes,


Meredith, Brent and Carrie