Czech Seed Beads

We have expanded the 10/0 Terra Intensive coloured seed beads to now include the long awaited Purple and dark brown. The vibrant colour of these seed beads will add a pop to your designs.

Here is a design Carrie made with the 8/0

Red lined clear 8/0, Aqua lined clear 10/0 and Yellow lined green 10/0

Toho Seed Beads

The ever expanding line of Toho seed beads gets bigger with every order that arrives. 

3 new colours in the 8/0 - Ceylon Baby Pink, Ceylon Innocent Pink Matte and Hybrid Milky Riverside.

Opaque luster light beige is now available in 15/0.

A new Glow in the Dark colour - Grey glowing green.

Indigo translucent silverlined is now available in 11/0 treasure.


Using hand sanitizer and washing our hands more frequently is playing havoc on our skin. Working with thread in the winter months can be a tricky with dry skin and little cuts that we didn't know were there.

These new Cotton Finger Guards are made of a premium quality cotton-elastic blend. The cotton is breathable and the elastic keeps them comfortably in place. Sold in packs of 10 and a great addition to a Beading Toolbox.