Greetings Friends,

There is always a sense of joy when March arrives as one feels freer to begin thinking about spring flowers, birds singing and life without boots and awkward winter coats!

Did you know that March is International Craft Month? While we haven’t seen very much advertising about it, the mention makes one inspired to explore. Here are some ideas if you are in the mood to celebrate:

  1. Try something new and outside your comfort zone: learn new techniques, explore new colour palettes, combine beads with fabric or threads, or try a different type of project.
  2. Share your work…let friends and relatives see what you are accomplishing. Maybe there is someone in your circle who is interested in learning your favourite techniques. Sharing often leads to new innovative ideas as you talk about what you do.
  3. Do some research and get inspired by exploring what others are doing via the Internet or magazines.
  4. Show off your work by giving some as gifts. Are there special birthdays or celebrations on the horizon where one of your pieces would make that event even more special? Original gifts are a clear signal to your friend or relative that you care. Just this week, we have had 2 customers saying they are making decorations for next December!

Freeing ourselves from our traditional boundaries and working with our hands boosts creativity and stimulates our imagination. Many find that it improves the outlook in other aspects of their lives. Think too about the message from many psychologists that paying attention to our own appearance can give a boost to our mental and emotional health. Maybe you can achieve an attitude boost by making a new piece of jewellery.

We hope you have a great time with your beads in the month of March! Happy International Craft Month!


Meredith, Brent and Carrie