Summer Greetings:

One of us at this end likes to look for interesting creative quotes from time to time. This month brought to the surface this quote and passage by Michelle Montoro:

"Wherever your passion lies, there you shall create."

"Since the beginning of time, humans have been creating art. And we will continue to create until the end of time. It is where we find purpose. It is how we discover meaning in this great big expanse of chaos around us. We search, we seek, we witness, we question, we think and we dream...and it all leads us to our own special forms of art whatever our preferences may be."

Sometimes we feel the need to break away from those "monotonous spells" we all encounter from time to time. Whatever creative pursuit we follow, it can bring joy and satisfaction from following that dream and focusing on a result.

We all hope that you have time/take time to follow your passion and make your world a little more pleasing.

With very best wishes for a wonderful month of August,

Meredith, Brent and Carrie