Chinese Crystals

Great on their own or incorporated in a beaded design, crystals add a little sparkle to a piece. 

Now available in 2mm in limited colours. A larger selection is available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.



Adding a bail to the back of a flat stone is a quick way to turn it into a pendant. A pinch bail could be used if the stone has a hole at the top. These new styles are an addition the others that we already carry.


Stringing Materials

Cotton cords with a clasp and extender chain. Measures 18" with the chain and available in 10 colours - $1 each.


Small pendants are great hostess gifts, a small token of appreciation to a friend or instructor. Now available in mushrooms and crosses. We also sell small pendants in heart, nugget and teardrop shapes. Paired with one of the cords mentioned above, a gift for under $10.