We have added a new section to the Discover tab - Stone Properties. There are many theories about the healing properties of gemstones in bead form as well as rough. We have compiled a list of some of the stones that we sell at the store, more will be added so check back often.

Gemstone Beads

New round beads are always on order. This month we have new shiny and matte finish beads in many colour options. 

Selenite, grey picture jasper, agate, network jasper and quartz.

Aragonite, dumortierite, green garnet, phosphosiderite and amethyst.

The heishi shape can add a little something extra to your design as a spacer bead or can be used on their own to create a unique tubular design.

Oval beads are a great way to make a long slender necklace.


Preciosa Traditional Seed Beads

10/0 Neon seed beads can add a fun and bright element to your design.

Toho Seed Beads

We have another order arriving in a few weeks but there are some new 6/0 seed beads and 1.5mm cubes that have arrived.

6/0 seed beads are sold in 20 gram tubes.

1.5mm cubes are sold in 10 gram tubes.