Hi Beading Friends,

We get to meet some really interesting creative people in this business. One recent visitor to the store started us thinking about creative ruts...what causes them and how to get out of them. We all feel stymied at points in time. Sometimes it is simply because we are bored, feel stagnant. Sometimes it is because of fear that we can't meet our own expectations or that of others, especially if they have given a request or a commission. Sylvia Path once said "the worst enemy is self-doubt".

So what do you do when you recognize that you are in a creative rut? When you look, there are lots of suggesttions. Learn something new: there are lots of books, tutorials and classes to spur creativity. Surround yourself with creative people. Make a creative date with yourself on a regular basis. Set a clear direction or goal. Make a decision to remind yourself that you are creative...maybe make a sign for your creative space "I create and I love what I do". Change your environment, even simply tidying up and rearranging your creative space can be motivating. Change your perspective...meet new people, try a new technique, challenge yourself to do something different like working with a colour you usually avoid. Some suggest exercise and connecting with nature and changing one's diet all help. Laugh! Above all, have fun and recognize the reality that no one is perfect! It is a freeing concept. 

We hope you have a wonderful, happy and creative August! Stay well and safe.


Meredith, Brent and Carrie