Early Festive greetings everyone!

What a year it has been! It seems that many are putting up lights and decorations early to create a happier look as we approach seasonal celebrations but every day we pause to reflect on the hardships and dislocations that many are still facing. There is so much for us to consider about ways to change our impact on this wonderful world.

As you might remember, we helped one of our customer, Deborah Young, with her beaded vamp project - she received approcimately 350 child sized beaded vamps in memory of the lost children at residential schools. These will be mounted and on display at Carleton Unversity's School of Social Work next year. Once the project is completed, we will post a photo.

When people were dropping off their contributions, we heard some amazing stories. This experience led to the idea of selling the Inspirational Beading pieces that have appeared in the monthly newsletters over the past year. We will be donating the money to the Odawa Native Friendship Centre here in Ottawa. Odawa provides a broad array of programs and services to Ottawa's Aboriginal Community. Head over to the Community Projects page for more information about the auction and all the pieces up for sale. There is sure to be one for someone on your list this holiday season.

Each of the beaded pieces were professionally framed by Modern Framing on Richmond Road here in Ottawa. They provided excellent service and made a generous contribution to the project.

No matter how you celebrate at this time of year, we wish you the very best: health, happiness, love and safety. We have a lot for which to be thankful.

Meredith, Brent and Carrie