Happy New Year Beading Friends!

This quote from Gustave Flaubert, a French novelist (1821-1880), seems appropriate for all those setting resolutions for 2023: "Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work." It would seem more appropriate these days to replace the word "violent" with energetic, inspired, passionate or focused but his words do communicate very well that there are benefits in having the non-creatice responsibilities of life well organized to free up mental space and time for our creative pursuits. Maybe this idea and winter weather will inspire you to rethink some of your activities to free up more time for creating.

We hear from many customers at this time of year that they begin the new year tidying up, reorganizing and doing some thinking about future directions. One thing to consider is whether your tools need some rethinking. So many times over the years we have heard customers saying they would rather spend money on beads and findings. Using unsuitable tools, however, can lead to problems: hand fatigue and carpal tunnel, arthritis and general discomfort. Good tools help you to enjoy doing your creative work for longer periods of time. Also, by using quality tools, you are making a good economic choice as you will not need to replace them as often.

The month of January is always our time to do inventory which forces us to do our own tidying and to think ahead about new products and new classes. As always we welcome your suggestions!

Very best wishes from all of us for a happy, healthy and creative 2023!


Meredith, Brent and Carrie