Greetings Beading Friends

Can you believe it? 2022 is half over!

July 1st is always a good day to reflect on what it means to be a Canadian. Sometimes I find myself in emotional knots: the world is more complex than it was 20 years ago. The past three years have challenged our thinking on a number of fronts but when you look at the world picture, we have so much of which to be proud and so much for which to be grateful. That being said, we have things that have to be fixed/improved as well and that is a normal part of life and living.

My reflections led to me wondering whether we have a statement of Canadian values. It doesn't appear to exist but I came across the results of several surveys. The top 5 Canadian values seem to be: Rights and Freedoms; Tolerance and Acceptance; Respect for Others; Kindness and Compassion; Multiculturalism/Diversity and Bilingualism; and Equality, Equity and Social Justice.

What I hope and wish for is that we can move forward with respectful consideration of others' points of view and needs, that we have the willingness to do what is right for the common good, that we can challenge disproportionate influence of a vocal few. It is easier to criticise than to praise and I am thankful that there is a lot to praise in this country. We live in one of the best in the world!

The famous poet Robert Frost commented on life: "It goes on." He also wrote a powerful poem " The Road not Taken" which deals with the big question "How to make difference in this world". We can't change history but we can make decisions every day that makes the road ahead the best possible for all Canadians.

With very best wishes for a great road ahead!