Gemstone Beads

Blues & Purples - Amethyst, larimar, amazonite and lapis

Greens - Peridot, chrysoprase, turquoise, ruby zoisite


We have added a lot of new colours to the line of Chinese Crystals. Great for adding a little sparkle to your designs. Available in 4 sizes and over 35 colours.

Fresh Water Pearls

Do you know someone getting married or graduating soon? Pearls are a classic gift for formal occasions but could also be worn with comfort attire including a pair of jeans. We have a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours of pearls. These white and natural pearls have just come in.

Czech Glass Beads

SuperDuo beads - 6 exciting colours have been added to the existing line - sold in 20 gram bags.

Stringing Materials

Fireline is now available in 10lb strength, crystal or smoke. 


Paracord is a 5mm thick cord that will stand up as a cord when making a beaded lanyard. Available in black or white.

Tools and Supplies

Nylon jaw pliers are a staple when working with wire to create wrapped pieces. There are times that the wire will kink and the nylon on these pliers will help smooth it out. Replacement tips are also available.

Jewelry Aid, Sensa-Guard. This clear, brush-on coating for jewelry creates a protective barrier between metal and skin. Can be applied to earrings, rings, watches and clasps. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before touching.