Greetings Beading Friends,

November always seems like a transition month for more road trips and getting everything unpacked now that the shows are over until spring. It has been great seeing many of our customers who don't live near Ottawa and whom we haven't seen for 3 years as well as meeting so many new people interested in beading. Many thanks to all of you who have come to the shows! We always come back with a few new ideas about ways to do thing better and new products to search for.

Thus it was interesting to trip across these statements:

Your unique perspective is your creative gold.

Creativity comes from your inner world.

When we were thinking about the tremendous array of products and the displays of all the vendors we see at shows, the first statement really says it all. No matter what field one is in, these are two great ideas to remember especially as we spend more time indoors during the winter months. They suggest appreciating our inner voices and taking time to explore. For beaders, there are new designs, new products, new techniques, new colours and new textures. Maybe there is not much time right now given that the gift giving season is fast approaching but one can begin collecting ideas to consider implementing in January and February. Once being conscious of what that inner creative voice is nudging one to do, one is more receptive to ideas.

We hope you appreciate your "inner gold" and look for new ways for it to spur your creativity! Have a wonderful month of November!

Meredith, Brent and Carrie

P.S. As we move forward, you might like to know that we won't be charging a fee to customers who use credit cards. While we do prefer debit, cash or e-transfers - especially cash for purchases under $10 - we figure credit card transactions are a part of being in business.