If you are one of those who find November a dreary time of year, maybe this quote will help you change your point of view:

"Let this be the November you always remember. The November you chose to believe there was more to your future than you were able to see. The November where you learned to trust that after everything happened, in time, you would grow in the courage to open up again. And you could look forward to these new unknowns, believing that no matter what would happen, you would still grow. You would still be worthy of love, even thought you were made to feel you were not good enough. Let this be the November you chose to rise above. Let this be the November where everything changed, and you decided you were free to heal and never be the same." ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

As we think of the significance of November 11th, we are conscious of the horrors of war in so many parts of the world today. We are so fortunate to live in Canada. Each of us everyday can make small differences to make our world better. Even small gestures like a smile to a stranger, a donation to a worthy cause or complimenting someone's achievement has a ripple effect that chips away some of the negativity we encounter.

We all wish you the very best and hope you find things to inspire you in November!

Meredith, Brent and Carrie