Beading is Healing - Everyone is Welcome to Contribute

In June to commemorate the 215 children who lost their lives at Kamloops Residential School, Deborah Young of Ottawa started a project to gather 215 single beaded vamps by September 30, 2021, Orange Shirt Day. Vamps will be framed and donated to the School of Social Work, Carleton University, to honour the 215 young lives lost at Kamloops Residential School as well as all of the children yet to be found.   

Why?  One thread, one bead, and one vamp represent an incomplete journey.  A single bead on its own remains unfinished but when many beads are brought together it tells a powerful story of resistance and resilience which is only made possible by community voice and action.

Given social work’s historical role in perpetuating and maintaining settler patriarchy and violence, this commemorative display will honour the lives of the lost First Nations, Metis, and Inuit children and bring the conversation into the School of Social Work and the wider community.

Deborah is a student at the School of Social Work at Carleton and there was a very touching article created about her and this project. To read it, please visit - Carleton University Article

There has been a great deal of enthusiasm amongst our customers as well as Deborah's contacts. We expect that there will be more than 215 vamps when all are turned in and all will be displayed at Carleton University.

The deadline has been extended to accomodate all the vamps still waiting to come in. The deadline is now October 30th for completed pieces. If you would like to participate, there is still time and a couple ways to do so.
1. If you are in the Ottawa area, you can come by the store and pick up a kit.
2. Outside of Ottawa, send us an email and we will mail you a kit.
3. Want to use your own supplies? Great! Send us the finished vamp before September 30th and we will add it to the project.

The single vamp should be 5-6 cm (length) by 5-6 cm (width) with a beaded design of your choice, including edging. It can be either felt or leather.  Backing can be put on, but it is not necessary. 

There have been so many vamps turned in and we have not been able to photograph all of them.
Here is a photo of some that was taken a few weeks ago.

Every Child Matters - a local fundraiser

A local group of volunteers made up of members from the Algonquin, Inuit, Métis, Asian and white communities in the Ottawa area has started a fundraiser with the hopes of raising $10,000 dollars for the IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society) by October 1st. 

There are 3 items that can be purchased to show your support - A lawn sign, a car decal/sticker or a large flag. 

Canada Beading Supply is a pick up location in Ottawa but items can be mailed to out of town customers. All orders must be placed on the Fundraiser website (not our website).

Totals are updated every Friday but to date they have surpassed their goal and raise over $11,500. A big Thank you to everyone who has purchased items, added tips to their order and helped to get the word out about this innitiative.