Happy October Beading Friends!

Some days just seem to creep slowly by and then all of a sudden a month has gone by! Here it is October and another of nature's palettes to inspire us! Even for us whose personal colour palette is different, there is so much beauty in the yellows, golds, oranges and reds that we see at this time of year. Maybe that will be an incentive to explore new colour combinations! There is something reassuring that no matter what is going on in the world around us, we still experience the consistent change of seasons, each with its own beauty.

Many readers will remember the beaded baby vamp project launched by one of our customers, Deborah Young in June 2021. Many of our customers made contributions so we thought you would be pleased to know that the unveiling took place on Friday, September 30th. It was a moving and thought provoking event for Truth and Reconciliation Day. There is mor information on the Community page of the newsletter. For Ottawa area people, the 3 panels will soon be displayed at the Ottawa School of Art and then at the Carleton University library. We will post details when they information becomes available.

Thanksgiving takes on a different meaning when we think about all the things going on in the world for which we can not be thankful. Most of us do not have the resources to make a major impact on the big issues, but focusing on aspects of our personal circumstances for which we can be grateful can shift our mindsets to doing small things to make our world a little bit better! We hope that you have plenty for which to be thankful. We certainly are thankful for all of you who continually provide encouragement and support to our world!


Meredith Brent and Carrie