Summer Greetings:

It always seems that summer flies by! Already, there are signs of fall.....a few trees are changing colour already and we have seen some Hallowe’en decorations up. After all our years in school, most of us associate a feeling of new directions with the arrival of September. Even though most of us are not returning to school, we can still study new approaches to out creative pastimes. Maybe it is exploring colour theory once again or learning a new technique or organising differently. Remember this sentiment. Maybe it will encourage you to see if you can finish a project you put aside thinking of the mistake(s) made and then find a way around the offending construct.

All of us here are conscious of the impact of “buying local”. It was interesting, however, to see recently the results of some research done for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Of every dollar spent at a local business, 66 cents remains in the local economy. On the other hand, of every dollar spent at a multinational, only 11 cents remains in the community. This is quite a contrast to the results of a poll when respondents felt that 38 cents of each dollar spent at a local business remained in the community versus 37 cents spent at a multinational! There is a long list how small businesses strengthen their community: hiring local be it employees or trades people; supporting local charities; purchasing supplies locally; responding to local tastes: contributing to a more diverse shopping environment. We thank you for supporting our small business!

Finally, a recent September annual day is Orange Shirt Day on September 30th! The store will be closed on September 30th to acknowledge the full impact of Orange Shirt Day. We value and appreciate all our encounters with our Indigenous visitors. We learn and are grateful but know we have still a lot to learn!

With very best wishes for a wonderful month of September,

Meredith, Brent and Carrie