Greetings to all our Beading Friends!

We are celebrating Meredith’s birthday with a 25% off sale on all gemstone beads and 15% off Czech seed beads for the period November 2 to November 9! Don’t be discouraged by the term “gemstone”. The Canadian Jeweller’s Association urges people to use that word instead of “semi-precious” for any stone that comes from the ground. “Precious stones” such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are defined by the marketplace and the significantly higher price they command. There is, however, no acceptable definition for semi-precious. Besides, the term “gemstone” is more appropriate and positive sounding for all the glorious stones that nature has given us. The range of colours and patterns and prices is impressive!

In Ottawa, we have had a lovely fall but soon the colder temperatures will be encouraging many of us to spend more time indoors. While we are reluctant to push any thinking about December celebrations before December even arrives, we know from personal experience that if we want to make something special for relatives and friends, it pays to start earlier. Now may be the time to do some thinking about making gifts for the celebrations which many cultures cherish. For a hostess gift, you might try making napkin rings or tree ornaments, either plain or beaded, out of the new flat Artistic Wire we brought in recently. The flat wire can also be used creatively for pendants and bracelets. Use seasonal colours of seed beads for earrings, pendants or a bracelet for someone special.  There are some interesting new findings which work with tila beads and seed beads to make interesting finishes. Some people “who don’t need anything” might appreciate a special hand-made greeting card with a small beaded piece as a focal point. We have included a few photographs to give you some ideas.

We wish you well and hope you have a creative November! Creative endeavors nourish the soul.


Meredith, Brent and Carrie