Greetings Beading Friends

November is always a time for reflection. On November 11th, we remember and honour all of those who have fought for world peace and wonder that mankind has not yet learned enough lessons. It is a time to think not only about our own losses but about those societies which are experiencing the horrors of warfare today. War is caused by the greed and hunger for power of a few but brings hardships, loss, calamity, and waste to many. Sometimes it feels that there isn’t much we can do BUT take heart from this statement by Edmund Burke: “Nobody made a greater mistake than one who did nothing because (s)he could only do a little.”

So many people are drawing parallels between human conflict and the coronavirus, categorizing both as wars.  Certainly Edmund Burke’s message encouraging us to do whatever we can, even if it is “little” is paying dividends as we wear masks, minimize our social contacts and wash our hands frequently. In addition, so many people are finding other small ways to help people in need.

A final thought on living in this current environment, one needs to take care of one’s self both mentally and physically. Experts say that pursuing creative endeavours helps to alleviate stress so if you are feeling down, why not get out some beads and see whether a new direction materializes?

We wish you all the best for this wonderful month of November! Take care all and be safe!


Meredith, Brent, Carrie