Greetings Beading Friends

There was a cartoon (by Jeff Keane) in this week’s Ottawa Citizen that resonates with our thinking. A young girl is looking up at her mother and saying “It’s September. Is time flying fast or slow this year?” With all the changes we are making to our daily living patterns, some days and weeks do seem to be slow, but here we are in September already! Even a few trees have begun to show their fabulous fall colour! Some parts of Canada will be further along this path but it does make one stop and think about how time flies!

A number of people have commented that they sometimes find it difficult to do anything creative given the current environment. Just the other day we came across this quote by Don Shula, an American football coach:  "The start is what stops most people".   Sometimes just by taking baby steps to begin a project, such as setting out the beads and tools you want to use, can trigger a change in your thinking and motivate you  to move forward another day. Simply choosing a colour that excites you or makes you happy may be a place to start.

We hope that you have a fabulous and creative September! With very best wishes


Meredith, Brent and Carrie