Tips and Tricks

In past newsletter we have had different topics from choosing the right pliers, needles, adhesives to bead sizes, treatments and uses. This page will highlight Tips and Tricks we think would be useful for all Bead Enthusiasts.  


What pliers do I need? With so many options available, we hope that this information helps you make the best decision.

Most beaders only need a few basic tools when starting up.  Think about the techniques you will be using in your jewellery art and buy accordingly. Add to your collection of tools as you expand your range of skills and then be guided by either your instructor or the book you are using to learn the new technique... Click here to read more.



There are so many of these products on the market yet there is no clear statement that helps a lay person to distinguish among them. The word "glue" is derived from the Latin noun "gluten", a protein found in cereal grains but became used for bonding substances derived from natural materials. "Cement", a noun, originally referred to powdered limestone or clay, which when mixed with water would bond bricks together. "Adhesive" is derived from a Latin verb meaning "to stick to". Now all three words are used as nouns and verbs and they are interchangeable so no wonder it is confusing! Click here to read more.

Beadalon stringing wire

Over the years, we have had some interesting conversations with customers about Beadalon. Several in recent weeks suggested to us that this could be an interesting and useful topic for a newsletter. When people have a problem with Beadalon, it is usually because they don’t understand the quality differences, the important relationship between the size of the wire and the beads being used and /or the proper crimping technique. Click here to learn more about wire.

Design Ideas

There are many ways that we can "personalize" our mask. Try adding some beads to the side or make a neck chain to let it hang when you are not wearing it.