Photo Gallery

Below you will see a few designs created by staff at Canada Beading Supply. Although most of the beads are not available, the designs and techniques will give you some ideas of how to use shapes and textures with your creations.

We hope you enjoy this page. It will change every so often with different styles and designs. If you see something you like, please feel free to let us know.

1. Handmade lampwork beads created by Brent. Chain maille and wrapping done by Carrie to create a necklace with matching pendants.

2. Yellow Turquoise, lemon Jade and Black onyx were used to create this 2 strand necklace.

3. Blue Sponge Coral, Kyanite and Chinese crystals give this necklace an ocean vibe.

4. Fossil, leather and KO Thread were used to make this 3 wrap bracelet.
~Tip: using a different colour of thread than the leather will help to add another dimension to your design.~

5. Lapis flat nuggets spaced out with pearls and silver spacers.

6. Hypersthene and clear quartz spaced with small silver accents.

7. Mixing textures in a necklace can really change the look of the piece. These necklaces includes matte glass beads rectangles, handmade glass discs, silver spacers and a glass focal bead in the center. 

8. Black onyx, pink pearls and aquamarine pull the colours from the handmade glass focal bead beautifully. 
Teal pearls, Italian glass beads and gold spacers accent the glass pendant in the second necklace.