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To be eligible for wholesale prices, persons must have proof of being in business (business registration certificate, Master Business Licence,etc.) and be reselling

Why do we insist on proof of business?

  • We want to protect our wholesale clients from unfair competition by not letting just anyone have access to lower prices.

You can expect from US:

  • Efficient and professional staff who deliver orders and information quickly.
  • Commitment to excellent service.
  • Awesome customer service experience.
  • Special orders are available.
  • No selling or distribution of business information (we do not tell who our customers are.)

What we expect from YOU:

  • Wholesale pricing is based on the premise that wholesale customers will be buying in volume and do not need excessive staff time for design and product advice.
  • Wholesale accounts are not to be shared with friends who are buying for personal use. If you have a partner, their name should be included in the account information.
  • Provide updated business information as necessary.

Wholesale Eligibility with the new HST

HST percentages, NS 15%, NL, NB, ON 13%

New wholesale customers will be requires to have a Master Business License or its equivalent. Through Service Ontario, it's $60.00 and last for 5 yrs. It's the registration of a business name. First time purchase of $150.00 for new wholesale customers will be required. Thereafter, there will be no minimum except for an annual purchase volume of $500.00.

*policy updated July 2010.

Request Wholesale Account

This application is for wholesale buyers only. Wholesale customers must be purchasing items for manufacturing or re-selling. We get a number of requests for wholesale privileges and, sad to say, some of them are questionable. Sometimes, too, we feel that aspiring entrepreneurs face setbacks when they are starting out if too rigid policies are applied. We want to be fair to existing wholesale customers as well as wanting to encourage start-ups. This application is designed to help us make better decisions about who should be given wholesale privileges.

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Type of Business

Please provide a brief description of your business, indicating whether it is a store or whether you are a manufacturer, jewellery designer, professional crafter. If you are a new business or are planning a business, please describe your goals for the business.

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