Toho Challenge 2024

“Let The Light Shine In”

Inspired by the beauty of Stained Glass Windows and how the colours React, Reflect, and Respond within to the light of the outside world shining through. Create an original design in the medium of your choice using only these TOHO seed beads and Starman Czech glass beads from the 2024 Challenge palette.

Mini Kits are available for purchase in-store and online for $33.95 - quantities are limited.

TOHO colour numbers: Use any size, any shape TOHO beads in these numbers - names vary
(we carry a number of these colours already but will be adding more with our next order).
#4 Transparent Lime Green
#4F Transparent Lime Green Matte
#24 Lime Silver lined
#12 Transparent Lemon/Citrine
#175 Transparent Lemon/Citrine Rainbow
#148F Peach Cobbler/Light Butterscotch Ceylon Frosted/Matte
#30 Silver Lined Light Hyacinth
#241 Mauve/Dark Rose Lined Topaz Rainbow
#PF563 PermaFinish Galvanized Orchid/Hot Pink
#PF563F PermaFinish Galvanized Orchid/Hot Pink Matte
#33 Light Sapphire SilverLined (#13 Alt)
#168F Light Sapphire Transparent Rainbow Matte
#999 Gold/Bronze Lined Rainbow Black Diamond
#777 Creme/White Lined Crystal Rainbow
#150 Smoke/Grey Ceylon Pearl
#176 Transparent Black Diamond Rainbow
#176AF Transparent Black Diamond Rainbow Frosted/Matte
#611 Grey/Metallic Gunmetal Opaque Matte

Starman Czech/Prestige Colours - Use any size or shape Starman Czech Glass beads or Prestige Crystals in these colours and finishes.
Jet Black Opaque/Matte/AB #2398
Hematite #14400
Peridot/AB #5050 or Prestige Peridot/AB/Shimmer
Hyacinth/AB # 9004, or Prestige Hyacinth regular/AB/Shimmer
Light Topaz/Amber/AB #1002 or Prestige Light Topaz Crystal Vitrail #V0003
Light Siam Ruby #9007 or Prestige Light Siam/AB/Shimmer

Rules for mini kit Designers

● You are encouraged to use at least some of each colour of TOHO seed bead and Starman Czech/Prestige Crystal in the kit to create one eye-catching piece to display, it can be wearable or structural in any medium of your choice but must Feature the TOHO seed beads.

● You can use any size or shape the TOHO beads in the exact stock numbers on the 2024 list of colours, names may differ depending on retailer, there is one sample of each colour in the kit, you can add more in any size or shape that you choose in those colours to create your vision.

● You are allowed to use any size or shape of Starman Czech Beads and Prestige Crystal Beads that we have on the 2024 colour list, there is one sample of each of the Starman Czech beads or Prestige beads in the kit, the beads come in many finishes in those colours that you can use in your choice of finish (Regular, Matte, AB, Shimmer) in any of the colours on the list. Find more beads in the palette colours at your favourite local bead shop or online retailer.

● No other seed beads or Czech beads may be used if they are not on the list!

● You can add one Focal item of your choice and use it once, such as 1 Cabochon

● You can use any clasp, findings, backing, threads, fibres and structural supports, to create your design—if seen, make sure they stay within the challenge colour palette and are used sparingly, so that the TOHO seed beads are the star of the show!

Send photos of your design whenever you are finished to or - You can also send them to the TeamTOHO’s Facebook page.  We’ll post your design on our social media sites as well. If you want to be considered for Featured designer spots, please send a photo by Sept 15th 2024 and they'll put your name in for designing opportunities in the future.